Square Enix Party and Final Fantasy XIII News

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has revealed more info about the upcoming Square Enix Party and some of the titles we are patiently awaiting to see on the PS3 and PSP.

  1. Square Enix is planning to have a big showing at TGS. I doubt anyone is surprised.
  2. Versus XIII has been placed on hold. Though there is still work being done by the artists, all of the development efforts are behind Final Fantasy XIII.
  3. No Final Fantasy XIII demo at the party.
  4. Birth By Sleep and Dissidia will be playable. (Huzzah for PSP)

I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing how these titles are coming along. All of them are on my must have list. Square Enix typically isn’t one to disappoint. I doubt that the company will choose to do so at this time.