Just what is PSN Developer “doublesix games” up to?

The words on their website: “A new project for PSN and PC.  Announcing Soon.  Watch this space!”

You’ve seen it so many times before.  Games that are announced and never come to fruition (often because they don’t work with Sony BEFORE announcing they have a game coming out on Sony’s platform).  It appears though that this time we have a company serious about delivering PSN content (as well as XBL, WiiWare, iPhone/iPod Touch Apps, etc.).  But the PSN content may be coming sooner than you think – and we have the source to prove it.

According to the UK’s list of DUAL SHOCK 3-supported titles, doublesix games is working on two new PSN titles: “Burn Zombie Burn” and “Underfire”, both of which will support rumble.  The fact that Sony has them listed makes us think these games are pretty far along in development.  We look forward to hearing something about them soon!

PS: doublesix games, we’d love to do an interview!