Rumored New PLAYSTATION® Store (US) Content for 7/31/08

Written by stalkingsilence Weekly PS Store Rumored Content

Hey everybody, you didn’t think that just because PlayStation LifeStyle is refocusing our content that we’d get rid of one of our most popular (and accurate) features, did ya?  As we’ve mentioned over the past few days, PlayStation LifeStyle will continue to BREAK news – just not LEAK news.  This info is ALWAYS backed up with sources and is never based on insider information.  Just some of our hard work and independent research.

With that said, this week is going to be pretty solid for everyone.  The highlight of the week is definitely the release of PixelJunk Eden with full YouTube uploading support and something else…I forgot.  Oh yeah, trophy support!  Sports fans should have two demos from EA, including Madden NFL 09 and their new boxing title – Facebreaker.  NASCAR 09 fans (both of you) may find some new DLC this week and we all might be surprised with some cool Soul Calibur IV DLC.  Mix in the ubiquitous Rock Band DLC and a gaggle of new themes, and we have a great Thursday for the PLAYSTATION® Store.

NOTE: We had expected Life with PlayStation to be released this week, based on Jack Tretton’s announcement at E3 and the new, ambiguous PS3 Firmware 2.42… but we haven’t received any more information from SCEA leading up to the release.

Check out all the details, based on my thread at the Forums:

  • Facebreaker [Demo] | Rumor
      • Demo will include 3 playable characters (Ice, Sparrow, and Steve)
      • Matches of 1 90-second round (w/ optional rematch)
      • Demo also includes practice mode and EA’s Game Face technology
    • Source: Videogamer




  • Madden NFL 09 [Demo] | Confirmed
      • Last year, the PLAYSTATION Store did not get a demo
      • This year it is rumored that we will be receiving a PS3 demo
      • New info that the demo won’t include commentary (due to size restraints) and will be of training mode / “Madden Moments”
    • Source: PastaPadre :: PastaPadre :: PlayStation LifeStyle




  • NASCAR 09 DLC | Rumor
      • Paint scheme(s)
      • Track updates [new track?]
    • Source: NASCAR 09 Forums via EA Podcast

  • PixelJunk Eden | Confirmed
  • Rock Band DLC – Assorted Songs | Confirmed
      • “Electric Crown” by Testament [$1.99 USD]
      • “They Say” by Scars on Broadway [$1.99 USD]
      • “This Is It” by Staind [$1.99 USD]
      • “Yomp” by The New No. 2 [$0.99 USD]
    • Source: Forums

  • Soul Calibur (Original) Background Music | Rumor
      • “Well, the background music from the original Soul Calibur will be available at launch.”
      • Price: (unknown)
    • Source: 1UP

  • Additional Content
    • PS3 Theme – Killzone 2 Theme | Rumor
    • PS3 Theme – PixelJunk Eden Theme | Rumor
    • Wallpaper – Siren: Blood Curse Wallpaper(s) | Rumor
  • Disclaimer: This post is based on thorough research and always links to other sources.  However, these rumored new content posts are never the full release lists (including movie trailers, game videos, etc.) and are subject to change at any time.