Trophy Guide – PixelJunk Eden

PixelJunk Eden is the first title from Q Games to support Trophies and also the first title to launch with Trophy support included.  Eden also has the distinction of being the first game outside of Japan to feature YouTube video uploads. (See Mainichi Issho)  For the first time ever, PlayStation LifeStyle will be using in-game YouTube Video upload support to demonstrate acquiring each trophy.  YouTube video’s recorded and uploaded by Phoenix8387.

There isn’t a large variety to half of PixelJunk Eden’s Trophies, but that doesn’t take away from the experience nor does it make it any easier.  Half of the games Trophies are centered around opening all seeds within each of the games 10 gardens which is much harder than it sounds.  The other 10 are a bit more varied, ranging from a 15x Combo to a bit easier collecting one Spectra in each garden, with the majority of them being a bit on the tougher side to accomplish.

All Seeds 01 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 01. (Video)

All Seeds 02 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 02. (Part 1, Part 2)

All Seeds 03 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 03. (Part 1, Part 2)

All Seeds 04 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 04. (Part 1, Part 2)

All Seeds 05 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 05. (Part 1, Part 2)

All Seeds 06 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 06. (Part 1, Part 2)

All Seeds 07 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 07. (Map)

All Seeds 08 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 08. (Map)

All Seeds 09 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 09. (Map)

All Seeds 10 (Bronze) : Open all seeds on garden 10. (Map)

– All of these have a simple premise, open all the seeds.  Some gardens may be a bit more difficult than others, but just keep trying and you’ll get them all soon enough.  Just remember to try to combo and not to let your oscillator die on you.  If your having trouble finishing one of these I suggest watching the provided video links or using the appropriate maps for the garden your having trouble with .  There are usually one or two seeds that are just in awkward places, so if you are missing one and cannot find it then it is most likely one of those.

All Gardens Clear (Bronze) : Get a Spectra in each garden.

All Spectra Found (Silver) : Get all the Spectra in all gardens.

–  You’ll need at least 35 Spectra before you can open the 10th Garden, and if you had already gotten at least one from each of the previous gardens then you can pick up a single Spectra on Garden 10 for All Gardens Clear.  For All Spectra Found just keep chipping away at those Spectra, watch our Garden Guide videos and use the provided maps from the Trophies above if you need help locating Spectra.  You can also look for the white light on your targeting spectacle when you aim for the closest Spectra.

Combo Ten (Bronze) : Pollen Prowler combo x 10 (Video)

Combo Fifteen (Bronze) : Pollen Prowler combo x 15 (Video)

– Both of these can be accomplished firly simply in the video provided for Combo Ten but can be done just about anywhere so don’t take that spot in Garden 03 as being the only place, it’s just the most popular.  For those who are having a more difficult time at getting the Combo Fifteen, the provided video will make it MUCH easier as long as you have a fairly full oscillator.

The Hundred Thousander (Bronze) : Get 100,000 pollen in one garden.

– This is a stamina Trophy.  If you’re good at getting combos they will help out tremendously, but getting 100,000 pollen in one garden is still not an easy undertaking.  Just to clarify, the number in the upper right hand corner is not your pollen, its your score.  Don’t stop because you think you have it, you can stop when the notification chimes.  The easiest garden to do this Trophy on is Garden 3.  Use the shielded enemies to build up large combos and collect as much pollen as you possibly can.  You should get the Trophy at around 350,000 score, but will most likely receive it within the next 50,000.  You’re almost guaranteed to get 500 Dead Pollen Prowlers before this.

500 Dead Pollen Prowlers (Bronze) : 500 Pollen Prowlers killed.

– It may be easier to attempt to get this with The Hundred Thousander as you must get 500 Pollen Prowlers in ONE garden.  It’s another stamina Trophy so you must just keep at it.  If your good at keeping track while playing it may help you to do so.

Ten Minute Grimp (Bronze) : Get all 5 Spectra from a garden within 10 minutes. (Video)

– The easiest garden to do this on is garden 1, as all the Spectra locations are fairly easy to reach and the garden doesn’t have any crazy annoying gimmicks.  Memorize the locations of all the Spectra and know which seeds you need and don’t need, skip the ones you don’t need.

Fifteen Crystals (Bronze) : Get fifteen crystals in a single jump. (Video 1, Video 2)

– There are nice locations to complete this on the first garden (Video 1) and the fourth garden (Video 2).  Just watch the video and do as you see.  It’s quite simple as there are many crystal lines placed throughout the gardens that make this much easier.

Zero Wasted Pollen (Bronze) : Open all seeds [Collect all Spectra] in a garden without missing any pollen. (Part 1, Part 2)

– It appears as if there was a translation error when converting the game with this Trophy.  The actual requirements should read ‘Collect all Spectra’ instead of ‘Open all seeds.’  This can be one of the toughest Trophies to get if you are not careful.  You really need to think before you leap. It’s easiest to go this on the first garden, but still may pose some problems to many.  You can play it safe by jumping and spinning into one Pollen Prowler, two max.

– Note: The video provided was VERY painstakingly made following the incorrect Trophy requirement, so it is worth noting that you shouldn’t follow that video to heart as you can skip the seeds you do not need.  Just collect the Spectra and get all the pollen.  It is MUCH simpler with the correct requirement than the incorrect one.  Word from Dylan Cuthbert is that the correct Trophy wording will be included in the previously reported patch.

Three Play Ping Pong (Bronze) : In 3p mode, trapeze between two swinging Grimps. (Video)

– Another of those ‘multiplayer’ trophies that can actually be done alone (See SSHD guide), albeit this one is a bit tougher to do solo. You need to throw the trapezing Grimp 4 times to get the Trophy.