PixelJunk Eden and Monsters getting updated

Written by Sev1512

According to the gold folks over at TheBBPS.com who recently contacted our friend Dylan Cuthbert, President of Q-Games…

PixelJunk Eden, and PixelJunk Monsters will be recieving some type of expansions/patch in the future.

  • Monsters will be receiving a free patch that allows the player to progress through the game on Easy, Medium, Hard, or a new Expert mode, this will be available for offline play. Online rankings will maintain the existing difficulty level to maintain fairness.
  • Eden will also be receiving a patch to enable some new modes of gameplay. He described the swinging mechanic as “much too fun to waste on just one set of game rules”. I agree. He also implied that Q-Games is looking into “a more namby pamby mode for the ‘lighter’ people out there”.

You can read Dylan’s full response HERE