A New Pixeljunk Monsters 2 Update Makes Playing Online Much More Convenient

The beloved tiki-tower-defense bonanza Pixeljunk Monsters 2 just received a meaty new update. Version 1.04 most notably speeds up the process of playing multiple online games in a single session, and new language options have been added as well.

Here’s a quick look at the patch notes:

  • New supported languages: French, Italian, Spanish, and German.
  • Improved Online Multiplayer menus to get a more direct access to open games.
  • In online multiplayer added the ability to play another stage with the same team without having to rematch.
  • Improved loading times.
  • Additional languages now supported: French, Italian, Spanish, German.
  • The Weekly Stage is now open from Tuesday to Sunday every week.
  • The Mana, Ice and Missile tower are now slightly more efficient.
  • Other bug fixes.

If you’ve been on the fence with this one, you can check out our review right here. We think that Pixeljunk Monsters 2 is one of the most beautiful tower defense games around. While it doesn’t do much to innovate or shake up the formula from the first game, newcomers will find many hours of novelty and enjoyment to be had. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with Tikiman and save the day?

Pixeljunk Monsters 2 is also on sale for $7.50 on the PlayStation Store right now. There’s also a free demo that you can download and try, so give it a shot.