Why I Cannot Adore Peter Moore

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Is it just me or does he not like our favorite console brand?
Is it just me or does he not like our favorite console brand?

Peter Moore has been in the video game industry longer than many people have been alive. I would be a fool to not acknowledge that. He is known by some as the man that watched the Dreamcast crash and burn. Others attribute him to the red rings of death. I cannot tell you which is better. Currently the head of EA Sports, Mr. Moore has decided to make comments regarding Sony. Is anyone the least bit surprised? Are the comments fair? Are the comments justified? Maybe, but that does not mean I have to like the individual that made them.

Peter Moore’s comments regarding the PS2 boggle the mind. Not because the comments are untrue, but because the comments were unnecessary. I remember sitting back and enjoying all of the promised features coming to the PS2. Sony promised AOL, internet browsers, and the like. None of these things came to fruition. (Imagine that). This is something that many people have not forgotten. Some compare Home to these promises. They simply do not believe Sony will deliver the goods. I will continue that some other time though. What the PS2 did give us were games like God of War and Shadow of Colossus. I do not see that as under delivering. The PS2 gave us games. Great games in a variety of genres and that is something that the XBOX brand has yet to give the gaming community. (This is my opinion, but if you ask some people, it is fact).

Bashing the Killzone video years later is just petty. I thought you did not work for Microsoft anymore. I guess I was wrong. Comments such as this make it hard for people to forget that Peter Moore once fought so hard against the success of the PlayStation 3. He made his bias obvious. How? He said that the game will not live up to the video. Did he not see the in-game footage and actual game play for Killzone 2? He could not have with the comments he has made. Was Killzone 2 under a lot of pressure? It certainly was and I have yet to hear one critic say that the visuals do not deliver. Peter Moore seems to be the only one that is not impressed. I wonder why?

Peter Moore knows more about the industry than I do. I admire him for all that he has done for the industry. He may not support my favorite console or even think it is necessary to give credit where credit is due, but he gets his job done. He did ensure that we got a Madden that was worth playing this year. (Can I get an amen Pete)? Overall, I just wish that Peter Moore would not let his bias from being a PlayStation rival for years shine through in what he has to say. I actually hope to not only meet him, but to interview him someday.

See Mr. Moore. I do not dislike you. I may not agree with your views, but I certainly look forward to seeing where you take EA Sports.