More Trophies Inbound!

Written by Phoenix8387

Today got their hands on a few more Trophy Lists which were released (leaked) for Quantum of Solace and The Eye of Judgement.  Also revealed was Trophies for a title many have wondered about… like if it was even a game, Linger In Shadows.

The Trophies for Quantum of Solace look pretty standard for a stealth/shooter.  As always game and level completion Trophies will pop up, a few collection Trophies, kills trophies and a few timed challenges.  Nothing too unique but still a welcomed plus to an already great looking title.

The EoJ Trophies are a bit more… unique, but since EoJ is a more unique game this goes without saying.  19 of the Trophies have you pitting your deck against the preset Theme Decks for each Set and coming out with a victory.  18 of the Trophies have you completing ‘Challenges,’ which up to this point have not been detailed.  The remaining trophy comes for ‘victory in countless duels,’ however gives no exact number.  Then of course comes the standard Platinum.  These could be some simple Trophies, but we’ll have to see how the challenges and how many ‘countless’ is before we peg this one.

Little is known about this Tech Demo.

And finally, we have Linger in Shadows.  When we first heard about this title nobody really knew what it was, and still we only have vague bits and pieces of what it will be, and sadly even the Trophies still confuse the hell out of us.  Not only are they non-descriptive some are just outright odd, 10 of the titles 16 Trophies are titled ‘Greetings to…’  Hmmm, now what or how these play a part in the title remain a mystery.  Perhaps some day soon we will find out.