Two More PS Plus Premium Classics Get Trophies

More PS Plus Premium Classic Games Get Trophy Support

Two more PS Plus Premium classic titles have received support for trophies. Earlier today, October 2023’s catalog additions went live, bringing with them four classics: Ape Escape Academy, Kurushi Final: Mental Blocks (IQ Final), Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, and Tekken 6.

Sony continues to make good on its promise to add trophies to PS Plus classics

Only two of the aforementioned games have received trophy support: Ape Escape Academy and Kurushi Final. When Sony originally announced trophy support for select classics, it said that adding trophies would be at the discretion of publishers. The company itself has endeavored to support trophies for all Sony-published classics, with Ape Escape Academy and Kurushi Final among them.

Unfortunately, third-party publishers don’t seem to be on board with the extra work especially Bandai Namco Entertainment. The publisher hasn’t added trophy support to any of its classics on PS Plus. Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny and Tekken 6 are no exceptions. And from the looks of it, Bandai Namco has no plans to change its mind.

That said, you can check out Ape Escape and Kurushi Final trophy lists on PSNProfiles. The former comes with 36 trophies including Platinum and the latter comes with 20 trophies including Platinum.