PAIN Movie Studio – We Called It.

Written by StalkingSilence
PAIN Movie Studio
PAIN Movie Studio

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a heads up to the newly announced PAIN Movie Studio, the upcoming environment for PAIN.  Not only will it feature new trophies to be patched-in (is this a PSN first for patching in extra trophies?) but it will also feature some new characters from other media.  Buzz will be joining the cast, and we can’t wait to see if any other celebrities/video game characters will be added into the mix.

You may recall that 2 months ago we guessed that this would be the next environment (then called PAIN Movie Lot)!  Anyone planning on buying this or are you sick of PAIN?

Check out all the details from the game’s Senior Producer, Travis Williams, over on the PlayStation.Blog.  I’m sure he’ll be fielding questions there, as he always does.