Sneak Peek at Upcoming Content for PAIN (celebrity/cross-game characters)

Written by stalkingsilence

In addition to PAIN Labs, the PAIN Amusement Park, Trophies, Online Multiplayer, and other features all hitting the PLAYSTATION Store simultaneously this summer, the crew at Idol Minds is churning out even more content that should be coming your way soon!

Jeff Litchford of Idol Minds gave us a little more info on what we can expect. We’ve taken the liberty to highlight some info you may not have already known about. But we still can’t find out what exactly PAIN Movie Lot is!!

New features in development:

  • Amusement Park
  • Online (multiplayer) gameplay
  • PSN trophies
  • Advanced Replay Editor
  • PAIN Labs
  • Theme 3 (just about at Alpha)
  • Theme 4 (we’re in early prototype/conceptualization on this)
  • Celebrity playable characters
  • Video Game IP characters
  • Chinese/Korean localization

After seeing the Kratos sackboy, I’m pretty excited at the prospect of cross-game Sony characters.  Looking forward to what the PAIN crew will dish out next!