LittleBigPlanet Update: New Costumes for the US Tomorrow

Written by T3mpr1x temprix
These costumes coming to a Sackboy near you.
These costumes coming to a Sackboy near you.

Tomorrow’s update for the PSN will no doubt please the LittleBigFan in many of us. There will be six new costumes for you to try on your Sackperson, one of which will be free! Should you choose to buy the other five, it will run you $5.

Included in this update will be:

  • Sack-Eating Plant (FREE)
  • Lilly Pad ($.99)
  • Hugo ($.99)
  • Great Blue ($.99)
  • Frost-E ($.99)
  • MotorStormer ($1.99)

sackboy_costume_packThe Sack-Eating Plant costume is actually the result of a fan-made costume in a LittleBigChallenge previously run by Media Molecule. Congratulations are in order for the contest winner, as their design will surely be downloaded by millions of people! The other costumes can be bought individually for $0.99-$1.99, or in an animal pack for $3. That gets you all four premium animal packs, and the Motorstorm outfit is $2. Enjoy the slew of images in this gallery.