This Week’s Blu-Cast

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48
Pixar did it again
Pixar did it again

This week’s Blu-Cast is looking a lot like this weekend’s weather. There is no sunshine and there are intermittent showers. There is a big name title for everyone to rally around, but I’m sure some of you will pass it over because it is a “children’s” movie. I heard Wall-E was rather good. This is coming from my cousin. He is required to go to these things, he has a daughter.

Individuals that are interested in buying bulk can choose from an assortment of packs for purchase. There is a Marvel 3-pack, but sadly it only includes the 2 Fantastic 4 movies and Daredevil. (At least Elektra was not included). There is also a Blu-Ray 20 pack you can purchase. I don’t know if I should list all twenty. There are some catalog titles that will be released this week as well, 8 Mile and National Security.

Anyone excited about this week’s Blu-Offering? I think I just may get the Beyonce release. For review purposes only. 😉

Release dates are courtesy of

Release date
WALL-E (3-disc) Nov 18, 2008
Canada WALL-E (2-disc) Nov 18, 2008
Canada WALL-E (3-disc) Nov 18, 2008
Tropic Thunder Nov 18, 2008
Canada Tropic Thunder Nov 18, 2008
WALL-E (2-disc) Nov 18, 2008
Canada Elf Nov 18, 2008
Heathers Nov 18, 2008
Canada 10,000 B.C. / Troy Nov 18, 2008
Sukiyaki Western Django Nov 18, 2008