Street Fighter in LBP

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48

Something like this would have been a pipedream before those pictures leaked a short while ago. The leaked pictures pretty much made it only a matter of time. I am a Ryu fanboy. You cannot really talk me out of running around LBP in a Ryu costume with a lion’s mane. It sounds strange, but that is what LittleBigPlanet is all about.

The other characters in the game are Chun-li, Zangief, and Guile. I would have liked an Akuma costume and a M.Bison one as well. Honestly though, I must thank Sony and Capcom for bringing some great 3rd party content to LBP. This will be available on Thursday. More LBP info on the blog this Wednesday.

Which other 3rd party titles would you like to see in LBP?

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