Electronic Arts Comes Home (Update)

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48

Just when you thought that you had all of the newest Home content, CES changes all of that. During the Sony keynote, Kaz decided to announce that Home now has an EA place. Apparently there is a casino of some sort in there as well. This is certainly sounding interesting. This is likely the Home announcement that was hinted on the PS Blog.

9:53AM PlayStation Home has added Electonic Arts to Home today. Based on the demo, it looks like it includes an EA casino and other places where you can give more of your money to Sony.


Apparently the EA content will be called the EA Sports Complex. Not a bad name at all. This place will allow you to play EA games and interact with other EA Sports lovers as you are bombarded by all things EA Sports. Don’t want to leave out the ability to view leader boards. I hope this is just the beginning of major brand content coming to Home. Peter Moore seems to feel the same way about it as I do.

PS3 Fanboy

The official blog has a great movie highlighting some of what the Complex will have to offer.