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Blast Factor Trophy Rating

Written By Wolfehound22 22610wolf1

Blast Factor was one of the earliest PSN games available. Recently it got the beloved ‘PS3 trophies’ patch. This update added 14 bronze and 11 silver trophies, for a total of 25. To collect all trophies you will also need to pick up the 2 additional game packs.


Difficulty: B

Most of these trophies are relatively easy. There are only a few that can become rather hard and frustrating to get. Death Wish 2 & 3, Ultimate Survivor, Tough Guy & Attention to Detail are by far the most difficult ones. You will find yourself attempting these few over and over again to acquire the trophies. But once you make it past these couple, the rest are relatively easy.

Time Consumption: B

Although most trophies are easy it can get somewhat time consuming. You will be required to play through at least once on each type of game (Basic Research at normal and 2xAT, Advanced Research at normal and 2xAT and Hybrid). Although all trophies can be attained with a play through in each mode most players will need to play Basic or Advanced Research at normal speed multiple times to get Attention to Detail, Tough Guy & Ultimate survivor. What makes these so time consuming is the inability to go to a specific specimen even after you have beaten the whole thing. So if you get frustrated and quit at specimen 6 then you will have to start at the beginning and work your way back through to get to 6 and 7 again.

Relative to Game: A

The one nice thing about this game is you will not have to really change your playing style to achieve most of the trophies. With the exception of Death Wish 1 – 3. These 3 trophies will have you beat a boss cell without the repulser, beat a survivor cell without a repulser and beat a boss cell without killing any other enemies. Obviously this will change your playing style by a lot. Especially for Death Wish 2 completing a survival cell without the repulser can seem near impossible at times, but I can confirm this is possible.

Fun Factor: B

One of the best parts of the Blast Factor trophies is, for the most part they are very fun to try and achieve. You should not get too overly frustrated, and you will not have to spend days and days trying to achieve most of the trophies. The only reason the fun factor is not rated higher would be because of a handful of trophies. These would be the ones I had mentioned above; Death Wish 2 which can make you want to quit many times, Attention to Detail and Tough Guy because of the amount of time you will have to replay levels to complete all the cells, and also because of the later levels where the hard cells are indeed extremely…hard.

Multiplayer: A

There is only one trophy that you will need one other player to achieve. It’s called Friends Forever. You will need to beat the last specimen on any mode to achieve this one. This is not too difficult, and you should be able to complete this on your own with some work.

Most of the Blast Factor trophies are for all types of trophy hunters out there. Whether you are casual or hardcore. About 60% of the trophies can be achieved just by playing normally, and are not overly time consuming or difficult. But to achieve 100% of the trophies you will definitely need to be more of a hardcore trophy hunter.

For these reasons PlayStation LifeStyle is rating Blast Factor: Hardcore

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