Rumor: Intel Larrabee Tapped For PS4 GPU [Update]

February 8, 2009Written by Richard Allen

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1
Sony Hearts LarraBees!

Sony Hearts Larrabees!

It is rumored that Sony has selected Intel to develop the PlayStation 4 GPU using the Larrabee architecture. Neither Sony or Intel have any confirmed statements, but there was some exchange at the last CES that indicates Intel is the choice.

The nice Sony engineering lady at CES told us that Intel essentially bought the win, a theoretically good architecture, no imminent threats of going bust, and not being hated by Sony all contributed too. With a couple of deliverables satisfied, the PS4 GPU belongs to Intel. No word if this is going to be the entire architecture, CPU as well, or not. That, from what we are told, is not final yet.

Earlier rumors have stated the Cell would make a reappearance in the PS4 albeit in a beefed up fashion. This information is very preliminary, although it is about time all 3 console makers start creating relationships with manufacturers for the next console cycle.

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Update: SCEE says this is NOT true.  Thanks Ftwrthtx.

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