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Lord of the Rings: Conquest Trophy Rating

February 10, 2009Written by Adam Wolfe

Written by Adam 22610wolf1


Lord of the Rings: Conquest is from the same developers of the Star Wars Battlefront games. If you’ve played those then you know what you are getting with this game. It was released with 49 trophies; 33 bronze, 13 silvers, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

Difficulty: A

LOTR: Conquest is a relatively easy game. Almost every single player trophy can be completed with little to no issues since you can achieve them on any difficulty setting. The only ones that can be rough would be the ‘defeat this guy with this other guy’ ones. The problem with these trophies is you have to be either a hero or a villain and defeat a certain hero or villain, and if you die you have to replay the entire level over again since once that particular character is dead you can not reselect it. These will take some effort and cause you to replay certain levels, but in the end they still are not that hard.

The online trophies can be rough at times. If you have little to no help they will be difficult, but if you can get a friend and join a empty room these are very easy. The Blademaster, Rings of Power, A Red Sun Rises, Lord of the Nine Riders and I Will Take It are by far the hardest trophies to acquire. Even if you can get help a couple of these will be difficult, simply because of the amount of kills you need or the amount of rings you need to capture in a certain match is difficult. These are hard because a lot of the matches only go to 50 kills or 3 captures.

Time Consumption: A

This is by far one of the shortest platinum games out there. In all both campaigns will take you roughly 6 – 7 hours to complete including getting all of the trophies. Now the online may take some time, and that all depends on whether you can get help or not. If you get a friend that is willing to help you and jump around from empty room to empty room to get the trophies it probably will not take you more then 5-6 hours to complete. If you go for these on your own it will take by far a lot longer. Kills are hard to come buy and some trophies like A Red Sun Rises which require you to get 30 kills in a match are hard only, because rounds go to 50 kills and getting 30 of those in a full room is near impossible. My best suggestion get help and get these trophies in 6 hours.

Relative to Game Play: B

The trophies are 50/50 when they come to following the gameplay. You have a bunch of trophies you get for beating each level and getting kills, but when it come’s to beating a certain villain with a certain hero it will make you change your playing style and will probably make you replay levels over and over again. Also getting a certain amount of kills in a particular way or with a particular character will make you try out every character class and every special ability. Now I am not saying this is a bad thing, but if you like using the archer you will not be able to use him the entire time if you want all the trophies.

Fun Factor: B

If you enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront or you enjoyed the Lord of the Rings movies you will enjoy this game and the trophies. Playing Gandalf and defeating the Balrog for the You Shall Not Pass trophy makes you relive the battle in the movie. Killing a Oliphaunt for the That Still Only Counts as One trophy although not hard is still a pretty cool experience.

Multiplayer: C

The multiplayer, although fun, is by far the roughest part of the game. It will take you just as long, if not longer, to get all the multiplayer trophies as it will to get all the single player trophies. You either will take a lot of time to acquire these on your own or you will need help from a friend to get these quicker. All in all either way there is a lot of multiplayer aspects to acquire the platinum for this game.

Almost everyone of LOTR: Conquests trophies are easy and not real time consuming. They will not make you change your playing style to much and in general they are fun. And even the multiplayer, with help, can be done easily.

For these reasons PlayStation LifeStyle rates Lord of the Rings: Conquest: Casual

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