Free Realms is Free on PS3

Written by Azariah chrisrahosiris-48
It is really free. Promise
Free Realms is Free on PS3 - say that 3 times really fast.

Free Realms is SOE’s first free-to-play MMO. This game allows casual players to experience a new online world without having to pay a dime. Premium content will be available for purchase.  SOE will offer a subscription for a low $4.99 a month or you could have in-game advertising. This title is a casual gamer virtual community with a smorgasboard of activities ranging from casual and classic games to mini-games.  

The PC version is currently in beta and will be released this April. The PS3 version will be released in the 3rd quarter with exclusive content.  The title will be available through the PS Store.  While I am not an avid casual gamer, this game is certainly priced right.  There is the possibility of some interesting PS Home tie-ins.

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