Days Gone and Zombie Army 4 Join Oddworld: Soulstorm in the April 2021 Free PS Plus Games

While we already knew about Oddworld: Soulstorm coming to the April 2021 PlayStation Plus free games collection—thanks to the reveal during the recent February State of Play—two more games are also set to join the lineup on April 6th. Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War will also be free for subscribers to redeem, marking another pretty big month for PS Plus. The April 2021 PS Plus free games will go live on April 6th, 2021, and be available to redeem until May 3rd, 2021.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is launching for PS4 and PS5 on April 6th, though only the PS5 version of the game will be free via PlayStation Plus. Abe must once again help his fellow Mudokons through a series of puzzles as he recruits more and more followers to aid him on his journey of liberation. Soulstorm focuses on the “power of many” to solve problems that one alone cannot.

Days Gone is a PlayStation exclusive (soon to come to PC as well) from Sony’s Bend Studio that follows Deacon, a biker trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombie-like creatures called Freakers. Days Gone doesn’t have a proper PS5 version, but it does feature PS5 enhancements for players on the next-gen console. Consequently, PS5 players already have access to Days Gone free through Plus via the PS Plus Collection, which gathers a number of essential PS4 games free exclusively for owners of the PS5 console. Our review for Days Gone praised the open-world game for its unique take on the zombie genre.

And finally, Zombie Army 4: Dead War takes players on a co-op adventure with up to 4 players together against hordes of Nazi zombies. Check out our review for Zombie Army 4: Dead War to see what to expect in the fight against the Nazi undead.

This announcement also means that there’s less than a week left to grab the March 2021 free PS Plus games, including Final Fantasy VII Remake, Maquette, Remnant: From the Ashes, and Farpoint as a bonus for PSVR owners. Those titles will all go back to retail price on April 6th when the new set of games goes live. Destruction AllStars, which was added back in February and left in rotation during March, will also be jumping up to $19.99.

Players don’t have to download the titles immediately. You can redeem the free games while they are free and then download and play them at any time as long as you are an active PlayStation Plus subscriber. Even if you don’t have a PS5 console, you can redeem the PS5 games on the web-based PlayStation Store right now to have a library of PS5 games once you pick one up.

Oddworld: Soulstorm (PS5), Days Gone, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War come to the April 2021 PS Plus free games lineup on April 6th and will remain free to redeem for subscribers until May 3rd. Once redeemed, players can access them anytime as long as they have an active PS Plus subscription.

[Source: PlayStation]