Days Gone Will Support 60 FPS With Dynamic 4K on PS5, Save Data Can Be Transferred

Bend Studio has announced that Days Gone will support up to 60 frames-per-second with dynamic 4K on the PlayStation 5. Additionally, your PlayStation 4 save data can be transferred over to the next-gen console.

Sony previously confirmed that it left the decision to allow save data transfers up to developers. While some third-party developers have chosen not to support data transfers on the PS5, first-party studios are incorporating this feature into their games.

Days Gone recently got a 25 GB update in preparation for PS5 backwards compatibility. A number of other games received similar updates and while patch notes have been vague, we know that these updates have significantly improved load times, thanks to Sony’s new compression tech. Those looking to play Days Gone on the PS5 should expect fast loading as well.

Days Gone update 1.70 also addressed the following issues:

  • Added operational stability improvements
  • Addressed crashing issues
  • Fixed framerate drop and lag issues
  • Bug fixes

The PS5 will launch worldwide starting November 12th. Its peripherals have already begun shipping in a number of regions. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle as we’ll be sharing our thoughts on the console when the embargo is up.

Are our readers looking forward to picking up Days Gone on the PS5?