UK Finally Getting Rockband 2

Written by Joseph


The UK will be getting their version of Rockband 2 released for both PS3 and PS2 in about a month on March 27th. The full article, which also includes prices, is after the jump.

UK Rock Band fans, you better bust out your plastic instrument polish, because you’re going to want to have your gear in tip-top shape when Rock Band 2 releases. For PS3 and PS2 gamers, the sequel will be available on retail shelves March 27. For those that have subscribed to Nintendo’s console, the game is coming a little later, as it has been set for a April 24 release on Wii. PS3 gamers will have to shell out a cool £49.99 for the title, whereas Wii gamers will only need to spend £39.99 on it. PS2 gamers catch the biggest break in the price department and will only have to spend £29.99 on the game, although one could argue it’s barely Rock Band. Instruments will also receive a new price and will be set accordingly:

  • Stand alone guitars will retail at £39.99
  • Stand alone drums will retail for £49.99
  • An “Instrument Edition” including drums, guitar and microphone will retail for £89.99

Also, consumers in the UK will now be able to purchase the “Instrument Edition” along with theRock Band software together for £119.99 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and £109.99 on the PlayStation 2 and Wii. Are you ready to rawk?