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Rock Band Devs Losing their Gig

Harmonix, the developers behind most of the music video games of the last decade, will be losing their main owner some time soon after a financial announcement yesterday.

by Corey Schwanz
November 12th, 2010

Rock Band 3 Takes the Stage With Lengthy Setlist

Rock Band 3’s setlist has jumped off the stage and right into the crowd, though it might have been an accident in the first place. A staff member at Harmonix was skimming through the setlist at this years gamescom and someone just happened to catch an HD footage and upload it on youtube. Thanks to a few quick eyes we have what appears to be a solid playlist for the upcoming music game.

by Cameron Teague
August 22nd, 2010

Green Day: Rock Band Track List Revealed

Considered by some as one of the several band that helped shaped the grunge/ rock and roll scene back in the 90’s, it was only time before Green Day received their own Music game. With the game being set to release on June 8th, Harmonix has let the cat out of the bag and the track list is now live for you rockin’ pleasure.

by Thomas Williams
April 11th, 2010
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