Green Day Rock Band: Boulevard of Broken Sales

When Green Day: Rock Band was first announced it was thought that with their recent popularity, the game would go on to sell a boat-load of copies just like The Beatles: Rock Band did. However it looks like things have gone the opposite way for Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day reports Cowen Group analyst Doug Creutz.

According to Cruetz, Green Day Rock Band has sold a minuscule 82,000 units across the three platforms that it was released on. These sales are in stark contrast to what we are sure was expected of the game. However this is not the only EA Distributed game that is having issues turning a profit this year as Cruetz also reports that Skate 3 sales are down 40% and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 down a whopping 68% percent compared to last years games.

So are you one of the 82K that picked up Green Day Rock Band and was it worth the price of admission? Let us know in the comments