Green Day Beat Saber

Green Day Beat Saber Music Pack Released After The Game Awards 2019 Announcement

After an energetic performance at The Game Awards 2019, legendary punk rock band Green Day announced a beat Saber song pack featuring the band’s music. The pack was revealed as the note track played behind the band. The pack includes six iconic hits and singles from the upcoming album “Father of All…” Best news of all? The music pack drops tonight. You can start swinging your sabers to punk rock immediately.

Get a look at the performance/announcement below.

Just before playing their new single that announced the game, Green Day also played a rousing performance of Welcome to Paradise, which you can watch in full below.

The song pack costs $8.99 and I just want to point out… we called it earlier this week when it was announced that Green Day would be at the show. I’m trying to hold in my excitement, but I’ve got a big old American Idiot heart hand grenade tattoo on my arm that is really excited for this song pack. You bet I’m about to get fit as a fireman playing the hell out of this pack.

Alongside the Green Day song pack, the PS4 version of the game is finally getting some of the PC version’s 360-degree levels. Here’s the full list of 360-degree compatible levels and their difficulties below:


“Beat Saber”

“Turn Me On”

“I Need You”

“Till It’s Over” (Monstercat Music Pack)


“$100 Bills”

“Commercial Pumping”

“Believer” (Imagine Dragons Music Pack)



“Father of All…” (Green Day Music Pack)



“Believer” (Imagine Dragons Music Pack)

“Thunder” (Imagine Dragons Music Pack)

“High Hopes” (Panic! At The Disco Music Pack)

“Crab Rave”

“Holiday” (Green Day Music Pack)


“Country Rounds”

“LVL Insane”

“Unlimited Power”

“EPIC” (Monstercat Music Pack)

“Emperor’s New Clothes” (Panic! At The Disco Music Pack)



“Balearic Pumping”


“Glide” (Rocket League Monstercat Music Pack)


“Overkill” (Monstercat Music Pack)

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