Beat Saber Multiplayer Update

Long Awaited Beat Saber Multiplayer Update and Free Halloween Song Launches Today

A year ago, multiplayer was added to Beat Saber on Oculus Quest and other PC VR headsets. However, the update was delayed for PlayStation VR. Today, PSVR players can finally join up to four others in competitive gameplay in Beat Saber with the multiplayer update now available on PlayStation.

Over a year since the update arrived on other platforms, both public and private matches are available for up to five players. Any of Beat Saber’s songs can be played in multiplayer, including the original soundtrack, free songs, the original soundtrack bonus packs, and assorted DLC additions from specific bands. As well as the standard Multiplayer mode, there is a “lobby and arena-like environment” for bigger competitions. Those that don’t want to compete can watch the competitors from above.

Before being able to compete, players have to create an avatar with a variety of appearances and outfits to choose from. These will be visible while playing as well as at the end results screen where the winners get a firework-filled podium ceremony. Regardless of the results, everyone will get a badge at the end with their best accomplishment, such as being the most precise slicer or the slowest. Finally, there’s the option to customize the color of sabers and blocks too.

At the same time, this update has added a new Halloween themed song free for everyone. Jaroslav Beck’s “Spooky Beat” can also be played in multiplayer mode. It’s the latest song to be added to Beat Saber following the release of the Billie Eilish song pack in September and the Skrillex song pack in August. There have also been song packs from BTS, Linkin Park, Timbaland, Green Day, Panic! at the Disco, and Imagine Dragons, as well as compilation packs from the Monstercat and Interscope labels.

The PSVR Beat Saber multiplayer update was originally delayed until January 2021 because development was taking longer than expected. When that deadline came and went, PlayStation players began to wonder if they’d ever be able to play the game with friends. Today’s news came as something of a surprise, but we’re not complaining. It’s not as if I like having feeling in my arms anyway.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]