Beat Saber New Songs

Beat Saber Getting Six Songs and Special Stage from Rocket League

Beat Saber has scored a goal. Specifically, the goal of landing some songs from Rocket League in the game. The Rocket League x Monstercat Music Pack gives players a chance to play six different songs from Rocket League, which you can buy in a bundle for $8.99 or individually for $1.99 each. In addition to the songs, you’ll turn the world of Beat Saber into a Rocket League field. In the background, you can see a pair of supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered cars exploding into the air, while the note blocks that you’ll be cutting come out of a net. There’s no ball to be seen, but judging by the way I play Rocket League it probably just got knocked to the completely wrong goal. Mistakes were made.

So what songs do you get? The following is the six songs included in Rocket League x Monstercat Music Pack:

  • “PLAY” by Tokyo Machine
  • “Glide” by Stephen Walking
  • “LUV U NEED U” by Slushii
  • “ROCK IT” by Tokyo Machine
  • “Shiawase” by Dion Timmer
  • “Test Me” by Slushii and Dion Timmer

In a post on PlayStation Blog, Michaela Dvorak, the head of marketing for Beat Games, notes that Rocket League is one of the team’s favorite games and that this is a collaboration they’ve wanted to do for a while. They also say that they felt Beat Saber and Rocket League both held similar values and philosophies, such as the dark futuristic setting and competitive edge, and so that merging the two games in this way made a lot of sense. Beat Saber’s first music pack was also a partnership with the Monstercat music label, so it makes sense to continue to pursue that style of music while also collaborating with other games that use it.

This isn’t the first time Beat Saber got a song from another game, as League of Legends’ super catchy “Pop/Stars” was added as free DLC shortly after launch. This also isn’t the first VR rhythm game to feature songs from other games, as Harmonix’s upcoming VR rhythm shooter Audica features both the aforementioned League of Legends song and a track from Transistor.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]