Free beat saber song crab rave

Crab Rave Just Released as a Free Track in Beat Saber

So you heard all about that Monstercat Music Pack, Beat Saber’s first song pack since the game launched last year? It’s an EDM-filled pack of 10 additional songs for you to slice cubes to, and is just the first of many paid packs coming to the game. But what if you don’t want to pay for additional songs? Last year, Beat Games released a few free tracks for the game, including the all-too-addicting “POP/STARS” by K/DA.  But Beat Games isn’t done, and there are more free Beat Saber songs on the way, including the heavily requested “Crab Rave,” which is available now. Did I mention that it’s completely free? Simply update the game and “Crab Rave” is yours to play.

“Crab Rave” is a song by Noisestorm that took the world by storm when it was released on April 1 last year. The official YouTube video currently has more than 51 million views, featuring a bunch of CG crabs dancing on a remote island, like any good music video should. Being a Monstercat release, fans were understandably disappointed when it wasn’t included in the Monstercat Music Pack, but now we know why. Beat Games was saving this one for an amazing April Fool’s day non-joke, releasing it for free to everyone who owns Beat Saber.

There were some slight hiccups with the PSVR release, but they were quickly ironed out and “Crab Rave” is now available free on all platforms. Just update your game and find it under the Extras menu.

Last month, Beat Games announced that Beat Saber had become the first VR game to reach more than a million in sales. For such a limited and niche platform that probably commands a market share of around 10 million people total, it’s impressive that one game has managed to permeate the market that much. Beat Games didn’t announce any specific platform divisions for Beat Saber sales, so it’s unclear how many of PSVR’s 4.2 million owners have purchased the game, and which sales are for the PC VR platforms.

Will you be playing Beat Saber Crab Rave today? Do constant free Beat Saber song updates like this one help convince you to pick up Beat Saber? If EDM isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Beat Games has said that they are exploring more genre options and that a number of labels have reached out to them about including music in the game.