Here’s When New Songs Will Be Available for Beat Saber

Prepare to feel the force of new music coming your way with Beat Saber. A release date has been announced for the  next batch of DLC. The new jams will drop on March 14, 2019, Beat Games said on Twitter. The developer has also shown an updated UI in the screenshot attached to the tweet. Apparently, it will be easier to browse songs in the game.

Here’s a look at what Beat Games had to say.

The first content pack will include 10 tracks, but the songs that will be included haven’t been revealed yet. In addition, 30 songs are currently being worked on for DLC. Alongside Beat Saber‘s recently released Expert+ mode, upcoming updates will include some tracks for free to keep the beat going. It took a long time for the content to arrive as it was difficult for the developer to port the PC assets to the PSVR platform.

Beat Saber is a PSVR and PC music-rhythm game that has you slicing incoming beat cubes like Luke Skywalker training to become one with the force with a lightsaber, instead of strumming in time with guitar riffs or hitting drum pads.

Our resident Jedi—or Sith if he prefers—and editor-in-chief Chandler Wood reviewed Beat Saber. While he said the track list was slim, he also wrote, “Beat Saber is among the defining VR titles, pushing the platform forward in fun and unique ways. Driving music underlines a virtual reality experience that’s a huge workout. Despite being exhausted, I found myself losing hours at a time to Beat Saber, replaying my favorite tracks to try and master them.”