Rock Band Devs Are No Longer Subject to “The Man”

After fours years of working with one publisher for their music video games, developer Harmonix is singing the lyrics of a different tune. So what will happen to all their games out now?

After first creating the ever-popular Guitar Hero franchise, Harmonix was dropped by Activision and bought by MTV Networks, a subsidiary of media conglomerate Viacom. As the music game genre begins to slow down, regardless of the games’ quality, it looks like Viacom was no longer interested in keeping Harmonix on their payroll. After announcing the sale of the studio, the two companies have no made it official. Harmonix has returned back to “an independent and privately owned studio,” with investment company Columbus Nova now supporting the newly created Harmonix-SBE Holdings LLC.

But what will happen to the ever-growing Rock Band Network, Harmonix’s distribution platform for music? Fret not living room rockers, for while Viacom owned Rock Band, the split has been on amicable terms. Harmonix PR rep John Drake has stated that “the DLC schedule marches on for Rock Band, we will continue our support of previously released titles.” While some doors close, new opportunities arise, and Harmonix definitely looks to be heading toward the future.