This Beatles: Rock Band Bundle Deal Will Make You Twist and Shout

Every so often you come across a gaming deal that just makes you go “Wow”. Well, we have one for you today, and it’s for The Beatles: Rock Band Special Edition Bundle.

We almost couldn’t believe it when we saw it, but Toys R Us is currently running an absolutely insane deal on The Beatles: Rock Band Special Edition Bundle for the PlayStation 3. They’ve gone ahead and marked down the full bundle to $50… you heard me right… $50. That’s every piece of Rock Band equipment, with a game, for less than the price of your typical new release title. If you’ve held out on the Rock Band series, now would probably be the best time to jump into the fray.

And if The Beatles really aren’t your style, grab the bundle and then snag the original Rock Band, which has dropped in price significantly. Note that this deal is valid through February 5th on the Special Value Edition bundle, not the Limited Edition bundle which includes Paul McCartney’s bass and Beatles drum set.

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