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Complaints Force Sony to pull Killzone Ads

March 12, 2009Written by Draisey

In Toronto, roughly 300 bus shelter ads for SCE’s newest game release, Killzone 2, are being removed due to complaints by a local teacher, David Mirza, and a counselor, Pam McConnell. What concerned the two individuals was primarily the ad’s depection of a realistic warzone, “like Iraq” stated the teacher.

“I don’t think that when you’re in Scarborough, where we’re having to deal on a constant basis with violence, that does anything to help promote any kind of community renewal or even responsibility,” said Mirza.

Kyle Moffatt, the public relations specialist for SCEC who responded to the complaints, defended Mirza and McConnell’s stances. He stated that though SCEC doesn’t have control over the precise location of its advertisements, it does want to be respectful of community concerns, which is why the decision was made.