Solid Raiden? Kojima Teases Next MGS Mission

March 26, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Mission: The Next MGS

As everyone should be aware, Hideo Kojima gave the keynote speech at GDC ’09 today.  He talked about the entire scope of the Metal Gear Solid franchise and the experiences that came with the territory.   He talked about his passion for games and how the tides have changed for Japanese  developers.  Today we are in a world where Western developers are leading the herd.  Kojima feels that Japanese developers must combine the two methods to be successful in this ever changing industry.  This is exactly where he would like to take the Metal Gear Solid franchise.  As his keynote was coming to a close, he played an entertaining video that showed Snake leaping, climbing, and stumbling across blocks.  The video stopped showing a frame with the ominous words “Mission: The Next MGS”.  Even more intriguing was the figure standing in the background of the frame that looked an awful lot like a cyborg ninja.  Does this mean Raiden will star in the next MGS?  Internet forumsblogs and other news outlets have been teeming with speculation as to what this means.


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