Eden Encore Brings Zero-G Grimps

March 27, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras


Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games has revealed some more details about the upcoming PixelJunk Eden Encore. While we already knew about the now named three-seed smart-bomb, there are some new, gravity-defying power-ups to be had in this expansion:

…in another garden we have implemented a zero-G item that once you collect, lets you float and control your Grimp with no fear of falling (well, until the effect wears off of course) which is crazily fun with three players! At the same time that garden is full of some pretty cool puzzles to solve, and we really go to town with the no gravity mechanism. In one of the final gardens we have implemented an entire “mirror” garden that you go in and out of freely via portals scattered throughout. It’s a lot of fun making your way back and forth between the two subtly different “mirror” gardens – what might be a cannon in one is a teleporter in the other; what is open space in one, might be closed off in the other. It’s a lot of fun solving the puzzles.

The endgame surprise was also touched upon, though specifics were not given. It will be revealed once the player finds all 25 Spectra. Also announced was Encore‘s price, an easy $5.99 US. Coming soon!