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Update: Jak & Daxter are Back! But Not For the PS3…

April 1, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras


Assuming this isn’t some April Fools‘ joke (Update: President of High Impact Games Roberto Rodriguez has confirmed it isn’t a prank! Yay!), what follows is both good yet bad news for fans of the Jak & Daxter series. Developer High Impact Games, who previously developed Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank, is going to be releasing Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier. So the good news is that a new entry into the series is forthcoming. The bad news? It’ll be shipping for the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation Portable. No mention was made of a PlayStation 3 version, which we would all expect to come from series creator Naughty Dog anyway. More screens below!