inFamous Developers Thought Peter Molyneux was Lying

April 4, 2009Written by Draisey

Brian Fleming, President of Sucker Punch, couldn’t believe it when he read it. “Players want to be good guys.” Peter Molyneaux had made the bold claim in regards to his game series, Fable. Despite having designed Fable to give players the same amount of benefits for being evil as being good, Molyneaux said that players were ultimately preferring to complete the journey as good guys.

Though Fleming doubted that claim, the survey he was presented showed that only 20% of gamers like to end their games as an evil character. His new game inFamous, however, stands to change all that. Though he does agree with the findings, he also likens this stastic to the way morality games have been designed in the past. 

Playtest results from inFamous have showed that with the unique Karma System, players rarely flip-flop between good and evil. This is because they recieve greater upgrades if they stick to one path. Out-of-character actions double the amount of EXP recieved, but only if the player chooses a distinct path for the majority of the title.

What inFamous ultimately does is encourage people to play through the game twice, which will allow them to enjoy the distinct playstyles made possible by each Karma path. Hopefully Sucker Punch will publicly track player stats and shows the number of game completions in the world for each Karma level. The results may be very surprising.