Trophy Guide – Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1


Stray Cat (Bronze): Earn a support character.

– Story Based.  Will be earned at the beginning of the game.

All Together Now (Bronze): Do a Team-Up attack involving all three party members.

– Wait for all 3 characters to charge up their special attack.  When filled, use your special attack (Triangle) and choose the attack with the 3X next to it.

A Winner Is You (Silver): Successfully complete the first episode.

– Complete the game.

Nine Lives (Bronze): Kill an enemy using the feline support character Thomas Kemper.

– Get an enemy down to 1 HP, then use T. Kemper’s attack.

Pack Rat (Bronze): Find and collect all of the hidden collectibles scattered around the game.

– This includes 12x Concept Art & 5x Music Records.  Locations are as follows:

  • Concept Art 1 – Desperation Street – Cul-De-Sac – In your neighbor’s mailbox.
  • Concept Art 2 – Desperation Street – Cul-De-Sac – Mailbox on the opposite side of the road to 1205.
  • Concept Art 3 – Desperation Street – The Orange Tree – Mailbox in front of 1121 Desperation St.
  • Concept Art 4 – Anne-Claire’s Room – The photo above the window.
  • Concept Art 5 – Anne-Claire’s Room – The bed side lamp.
  • Concept Art 6 – Hobo Alley – Cheswick & Grove – The wanted poser on Witch-B-Gone.
  • Concept Art 7 – Hobo Alley – West Chesnut Park – Trash pile behind three trashcan enemies.
  • Concept Art 8 – Hobo Alley – Grove Bend – Poster on the pub’s window.
  • Concept Art 9 – Hobo Alley – The Sh*thole – Picture next to the entrance.
  • Concept Art 10 – Pelican Bay – Tollbooth – Ice cream sign just north of flying pricks darts mini-game.
  • Concept Art 11 – Pelican Bay – Midway – Red Poster to the left of where the floor is striped red and black.
  • Concept Art 12 – Pelican Bay – Permonade – The Heavy Anchor in the middle.
  • Music Record 1 – Desperation Street – Cul-De-Sac – Unlocks When you first approach T.Kemper.
  • Music Record 2 – Hobo Alley – The Shithole – Meat Grinder in the robot room.
  • Music Record 3 – Anne-Claire’s Room – Behind Anne-Claire on the shelf.
  • Music Record 4 – Pelican Bay – Midway – Unlocks when you’ve solved the “Entertain Us” fortune.
  • Music Record 5 – Unlocks when you complete the game.

Steel Devils (Silver): Find and destroy all the robots in the game.

– Check the map to see if you are missing any robot parts in any location.  Once you find them all the trophy will be unlocked.

Pacifist (Bronze): Win one battle using only counterattacks.

– When you block perfectly you will perform a counterattack.  You may also use distraction items like oranges and mime traps.  Once you complete the battle without attacking, the trophy will unlock.  I would suggest doing this toward the beginning of the game.

Silent, But Deadly (Silver): Beat the final Boss without healing.

– This can be somewhat difficult.  Save up all your Hot Toddy’s, Explosive Clown Nose’s, Dynamite, and Double Mild Weak Sauce’s.  It would also be best to get all your support characters ready for the fight.  When the fight starts, use all of your explosive items on the boss; this will bring him down to about 38500 HP.  His first move is always Increase Attack, so counter that with a Double Mild Weak Sauce.  Make sure to block all incoming attacks and attempt to get as many counterattacks in as you can.  Once all explosives are gone, use normal attacks to damage him.  Do not waste time saving up your special attacks, as you will be waiting a while.  Once the pink status bar above him is gone, make sure to use another Double Mild Weak Sauce on him.  When the fight gets down to the point where only his head is left, that means he has around 24000 HP.  Continue to attack and counter attack until he is done.  The trick to this is when you are attacking, the enemy cannot attack.  So if you keep the battle flowing you should be able to get this.

Immortal (Gold): Play and win the game without allowing a character to die during combat.

– Save before every battle and complete the game without dying.  If someone dies, reload your save and try again.

Fight ‘Em With Items (Bronze): Use every combat item at least once in the game.

– Use every item in the game once.  The last item needed is found in the very last level.

Level Awesome (Bronze): Get all party members to Level 15.

– You will get this throughout the course of the game.  If you are trying for ‘Clean Sweep’ this will come easy.

Clean Sweep (Silver): Kill all enemies in Episode 1.

– The enemies are easy to spot on each panel. Just make sure you don’t skip any, and you will get this before the final boss.