WipEout HD Gets TuneUp With Feature-Packed Patch

April 7, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras


Do you like WipEout HD but wish it had more features? Well, your prayers have been answered – an update has been announced for this excellent PSN title. Included in this update are a number of fixes as well as new features!

wipeout_hd_update_02First up, online rankings are being introduced:


With over 50 ranks to progress through, there will be a new edge to online racing in WipEout HD. Your finishing position, speed class and the rank of your opponents will determine how many ranking points you are awarded as you strive to go from a Wipeout Trainee to a Wipeout Legend!

Next, as shown in the first picture is an online podium as well as badges to earn:

  • A new podium screen will now display the top three finishers after each online race or tournament.
  • Regardless of whether you finish in the Top Three or not, every player has the chance of being awarded an ‘online badge’ in recognition of how they performed in the race.

Game invites will also now be available, as well as a simple list to see who on your friends list is currently in-game:

wipeout_hd_update_04You can also join your friends’ game. Spectator mode will also be available if you join a lobby with a race already in progress. You will have access to four different camera angles as you watch the race. There are also a number of new options to configure when setting up an online race:

  • HUD Weapon Hints on/off.
  • Opponents – Choose to create a Public, Friends-only or Invite-only game.
  • Barrel Rolls on/off
  • Pilot Assist Allowed on/off
  • Number of laps (max 20)

So, expect to see this update…Tomorrow, April 8th, 2009 actually! This will bring WipEout HD to version 1.30. See you online!