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Ubidays Comes to an End

April 9, 2009Written by Draisey


Sega and THQ recently pulled the plug on their joint European expo, and Ubisoft has decided to follow suit. Due to decreased sales and the expansion of glabal trade events, the company has decided to adjust their marketing strategies. The Ubidays event was a two day event that typically drew in over 1,000 journalists and trade executives. Ubisoft explained their decision:

“With regards to Ubidays, with the E3 event in the US, the GamesCom in Europe and Tokyo Games Show in Japan, we think that we’ll have great outlets to present our creativity and innovation to a worldwide audience and will therefore reconsider our plans. There won’t be a Ubidays this year.”

Expect to see more and more publishers drop their private events and become wiser with their spending tactics.