PAIN Earns Some Sore Spots

The team over at Idol Minds is releasing yet another round of content for their PSN title, PAIN, called Sore Spots. This is the list of things that the Sore Spots update will bring to this wacky game next week:

  • Two new environments.
  • A new Sony Character from another franchise.
  • An additional FREE character.
  • Secret multiplayer mode being added.

The first gameplay environment takes place at Morningwood High School, where the PAIN class of 2007 is having a reunion. It will include two different layouts, as well as a new twist called Fun with Explosives.

The second gameplay environment is a top secret alien research facility that’s located between Area 68 and Area 70. There are actual aliens in this place, as well as an alien spacecraft and some crazy technology that no one’s ever seen. Fun With Explosives also makes an appearance.

The Ded Baron will be added to the character roster, as well as a secret freebie who originates from a different Sony franchise. Just who this character is will remain a mystery until closer to the release date.

On the Multiplayer side, we’ll be seeing FWE, HORSE, Trauma, and another secret mode. This particular mode has been requested by the PAIN community, and the developers are proud to be able to deliver it just for you guys. So congratulations. We’ll keep you updated as this update draws closer to release. Until then, stay tuned!