Red Faction Demo Demolishes PSN this Week

April 20, 2009Written by DeAno Jackson


Finally, you readers will see what I’ve been talking about!  Included in this Thursday’s PSN update will be the Red Faction: Guerilla demo, and soon you will be laying unprecedented destruction to any and all structures in your path.

Just as a recap, in this game you’ll take on the role of Alec Mason as you fight against the Earth Defense Force to free Mars from its control.  You’ll have the full support of the Red Faction themselves, and they will go on missions that you have the option of participating in. Or you can go off, do your own thing, and deal with the consequences later.

Along the way, you can hijack vehicles, use a number of destructive weapons, and even use a jetpack to make traveling around the huge map (5 times the size of Saint’s Row) a bit easier.

The game releases on June 9th, 2009.