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How Sony Fueled Development for Burn Zombie Burn


Doublesix developed Burn Zombie Burn exclusively for PSN with the use of Sony’s recently announced “Pub Fund.” The “Pub Fund” provides developers with funds and marketing in exchange for making their titles PSN exclusive.It’s a win-win situation for both Sony and game developers. Developers are provided the opportunity to have their game exposed to as as many PS3 owners as possible, while Sony gets to deliver on its promise to make PSN a unique and compelling experience. Here is what James Brooksby of Doublesix had to say about the “Pub Fund”:

“I think there’s a number of other ways in which the Pub Fund can help you, not least because Sony suddenly has a more vested interest in your product’s success.” Since Sony is looking for a good return on its considerably sizable investment, not everyone can get on the Pub Fund. “Obviously there will be a level of quality expected from Sony’s side, so not everyone will be suitable for Sony either,” said Brooksby.

Looks like the “Pub Fund” could have a bright future, especially for startup developers.