Trophy Guide – Magic Ball: Wicked Witches Episode


Creat Studios has dropped their first piece of DLC onto the PSN for their trio of lovely games.  Magic Ball is a very fun and very addicting game.  This guide is brought to you thanks to our AWESOME community here at PSLS.  Thanks to ErikR68 of our forums for writing this guide!  Enjoy and happy Trophy hunting…

[Wicked Witches] EE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!! (Bronze): Complete ‘Wicked Witches’ Episode

– Play through all 25 levels of the episode to unlock this trophy.

[Wicked Witches] 50 in a Row (Bronze): Complete 50 Levels in a Row

– Play through 50 consecutive levels without quitting.  Playing through the entire 2nd and 3rd episodes should unlock this trophy.  You should also be able to unlock it if you had a save file of continuous play from the previous levels.

[Wicked Witches] More Points Than You’ll Ever Need (Bronze): Score 2,000,000 points

– You should easily get this as you attempt to gain the ’50 in a Row’ trophy. It is possible to get over 1,000,000 just playing the Wicked Witches episode alone.

[Wicked Witches] Evening Exorcist (Silver): An evil witch performs dark rituals. Put an end to them by destroying her at nighttime.

– This is attained on Level 8.  You must get the nighttime power-up before you get the last hit on the witch to unlock this trophy.

[Wicked Witches] As You Wish (Silver): No one should hinder true love. Find the lovers and make those around them go away.

– This is attained on Level 9.  The lovers are surrounded by trees holding guitars.  Make sure you take down the trees and guitars before the lovers.  If you get the magnetism power-up it is a little easier to aim the ball.  Good Luck!


Trophy Guide – Magic Ball