Super Stardust Dev Launching 3 New IPs

3-new-ips-housemarque-02Finland’s premiere developer, Housemarque, is famous for its work on Super Stardust HD. SSHD hit PSN in June 2007, the summer after PS3’s worldwide launch, and has become a tremendous success since then.

Housemarque is currently working on three new IPs for various platforms, including a PSN exclusive, a multiplatform title, and a self-published game called Rope. Company boss Ilari Kuittine stated:

“One of the games is a PSN exclusive for Sony again, continuing our good relationship with them. And that’s gonna be as far as we know, announced at [GamesCom 2009 this August in] Cologne. We are doing also currently our first multiplatform game, for a leading publisher. Again, something different from the past. We haven’t done this kind of a game genre before.”

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