PlayStation Network to have a Blockbuster Summer

April 30, 2009Written by DeAno Jackson


This summer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe offers exciting games, trailers and packs for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) and PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) via PlayStation®Network – with brand-new downloads.

Whether you’re looking for an addictive puzzle game to fill your Sunday afternoons, a music game to sing along to on your PS3, or a new game to take on holiday with your PSP – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at just a push of a button in PlayStation®Store. Check out what’s arriving this summer for PAL territories:

Trash Panic™ for PS3

Prove your eco-credentials in this fast and furious puzzle game with a trashy twist. In a junkyard far away, an ever-flowing tide of rubbish threatens to bury the entire place. Old mattresses, bikes, fire extinguishers and other trash pour into a giant crate. Now, it’s down to you to arrange it strategically so that it disposes of itself. If three pieces of rubbish spill over the top – that’s game over. Drop wooden objects on metal ones to smash them; drop burning objects onto combustibles to set them on fire, mix biodegradable rubbish next to enzymes to make it rot – just think fast and don’t let that crate overflow!

Detuned™ for PS3

Music lovers: prepare for an abstract and surreal interactive gaming experience like no other. Set the scene for your favourite music tracks by uploading them to Detuned, the game that lets you make visual accompaniments for your favourite music track. The only thing limiting you is your imagination: upload your tracks and use your DUALSHOCK®3 or SIXAXIS™ wireless controller to manipulate what you see. The human character and his surrounding scenery may appear normal at first – but you’ll realise just how warped you can make this musical world!

PixelJunk™ 1-4 (working title) for PS3

The arcade-style PixelJunk™ series is back…this time with a new groundbreaking game that mixes both shooting and strategy elements. Navigate cavernous stages in a rescue ship, taking cover behind rocks, trade fire with enemies, capture survivors, and navigate out of the way of dangerous earth, water, magma and missiles. Create escape routes, explore land and water – and do it all to a soundtrack from electronic group High Frequency Bandwidth – previously known as The Orb! It’s in PlayStation Store in late summer 2009.

PixelJunk™ Monsters Deluxe for PSP

Take one of your favourite PS3 games wherever you go this summer: PixelJunk™ Monsters Deluxe is finally coming to PSP. As the Forest Defender, your job is to protect your flock from an onslaught of monsters by setting up artillery towers as a protective shield against the incoming hordes of invaders. The PSP version will feature a new island with more than 10 stages, new enemies, towers, music tracks and special bonus features. Supports single and co-op multiplayer.

Fat Princess™ for PS3

Check out the trailer for the “biggest” game release on PlayStation Network this summer – Fat Princess. Play with yourself, or join online battles with up to 32 players – 16 to a team – to save the over-fed royal from your enemy’s dungeon. Choose the role of a warrior, ranger, worker, mage or priest; your most important weapon here is teamwork as you work together to defeat the enemy across eight individual maps. Fat Princess is a blast of hilarious, furious multiplayer fun and it’s out in summer 2009.

Savage Moon™ Pack: Waldgeist

Your mission to protect a remote outer-space mining facility from swarms of hideous space insects is about to become even more savage – with the brand-new Savage Moon Waldgeist pack. Play six unique levels packed with new insect enemies, towers and an all-new final mission! The new Waldgeist pack will be available on PlayStation Store in June.