inFamous Release Dates Unveiled

May 2, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


Today Sucker Punch Studios revealed the final release date for the upcoming title inFamous for both the U.S. and European territories. The press release is as follows:

With the worldwide release of inFAMOUS just around the corner, things have really started to ramp up at both Sucker Punch and Sony.  When inFAMOUS launches in the United States on May 26th and Europe May 29th, the U. S. gets its own unique box, and folks in Europe can purchase a regular edition or a special edition that’s loaded with extra goodies.

If you can’t wait to try the game, you can pre-order it to get exclusive, early access to the demo, or an exclusive Reaper costume for your HOME avatar, or an exclusive power, Gigawatt Blades.  This is extremely powerful melee weapon.