Raven Software Wants Deadpool Alive

May 3, 2009Written by Draisey


With the X-men Origins: Wolverine movie in theaters, I’m sure many of you have witnessed just how butchered the Deadpool character was in that movie. Oh, didn’t know he was in it? Take a gander at Ryan Reynolds. Yup.

But there is hope.

Raven Software, developers of the X-men Origins game, were recently asked what their next project would be if they had to choose. This is what project lead Dan Vondrak had to say:

“That’s very easy, that’d be Deadpool. We’re huge fans of Deadpool. When we made X-Men 2, we made sure to put Deadpool in there and give him plenty of little Easter eggs and conversations. We love the character. His smartass attitude. So that’d be the guy we’d probably go after.”

Vondrak also likes Deadpool “the way he is in the comics”, which means a Deadpool game from Raven Software would be “absolutely 100%” authentic. When asked about the version of Deadpool seen in the new X-Men movie, Vondrak said it’s “not the first choice I would have made.”

Would any of you readers be interested in a Deadpool game? Let us know in the comment section below!