Veilcorp Actively Searching for New Recruits

May 4, 2009Written by Draisey

veilcorp-reusable-imageThe mystery surrounding Veilcorp is starting to deepen. Not only did the company issue a strict warning to PlayStation Home ‘Xi’ participants, it is also looking for new recruits across the globe.

To join up, simply click on the continent you currently reside in and select ‘More’ to fill out the application. Here is the info from the website in case you’re interested.

“With specialist teams across North America, Veilcorp offers in-depth support to hundreds of entrepreneurial projects. Our U.S. and Canadian portfolio includes a number of exciting developments in the pharmaceuticals industry, with particularly exciting work in genetics and accelerated production processes.

Much of this work overlaps with that of our biotech division, which is already delivering tangible results. Coupled with our advances in the energy sector, these projects look set to make a real difference to the way people in the developed and developing worlds live their lives.”

For more information on Xi and Veilcorp, make sure to check back on PlayStation Lifestyle.