Veilcorp Issues Strict Warning to PlayStation Home ‘Xi’ Participants

May 4, 2009Written by Draisey

veilcorp-reusable-imageVeilcorp has issued a strict warning to users of PlayStation Home who have been participating in ‘Xi’, or are actively searching for it. This is what the PS Blog had to say:

“Xi, the ARG based in PlayStation Home, has taken a sinister turn with the emergence of an unknown organisation called Veilcorp. Veilcorp claims that ‘Xi’ – whatever it is – belongs to them, and anyone hunting for it is in violation of Veilcorp’s rights.

What’s more, they’re recruiting. Anyone in the US is invited to apply for an interview through theVeilcorp website. Are they for real? In this story, it’s hard to tell…”

What is Veilcorp? And how does the recruitment process work? Check back on PlayStation LifeStyle for more info!