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Crytek Giving Free Radical an Incredible Opportunity

May 5, 2009Written by Draisey

crytek-saves-free-radical-001In an interview with Develop, [shal]Crytek[/shal] founder and CEO Cevat Yerli went in depth as to why Free Radical was acquired, as well as how the team has benefited from their partnership with Crytek.

There are still looming questions as to whether the foreign acquisition of such a famous UK game studio is good for the national’s development sector. Yerli responded to this concern by stating:

“If someone has that concern, they should ask the people that are actually there. We have provided the team at Crytek UK a structure and a future that clearly shows improvement.”


Free Radical’s bright future fell into limbo last year when poor sales and an economic downturn hit the company hard, leaving it in administration in early December. Though 180 employees would have been let go had Free Radical shut down, Crytek took charge and chose 40 employees to keep within the company.

Free Radical had 4 offices, and the one remaining office has been rebranded as Crytek UK. The company is still working on at least one major project, and will definitely benefit from engine technology and support from Crytek, who has extensive development experience with games such as Far Cry and Crysis. Yerli continued by stating:

“We are working with Free Radical on things that they always dreamed to do. We are providing the team a roadmap and the chance to grow, which is why we were picked as a partner, and not anyone else.”